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CFODC Selection Criteria


The College Football Officiating Development Camp (CFODC) is focused on giving officials a plan for improvement and development to first, improve collegiate officiating and secondly, provide the official the tools necessary to put themselves in a position to continue to climb the ladder of success. If the official takes and applies the guidance that will be provided, they should expect to see better performance on the field which in turn should lead to more opportunities at a higher level.

Here are some of the criteria that the CFODC uses when selecting officials for the camp:

  1. Previous/current college football officiating experience is given preference. We spend time examining and verifying this experience so list references in your profile sheet.

  2. Diversity and Inclusion is a big part of our mission statement, and this also comes into this selection process.

  3. Prior experience at this camp is also a consideration, particularly if the official has already shown the potential for working at a higher level.

  4. Numbers of applicants at a given position will also dictate scrutiny so if you have more experience with working a position other than your primary position, list that you are willing to work a secondary position and list that position. 

  5. Depending upon the number of applicants that we have, this process can take up to 30 days to complete after registration closes.


This camp is not designed for football officiating 101. This camp is an advanced setting where basic CCA mechanics are already established, and NCAA Rules and Philosophy are at a working level. This camp is a graduate level where time will be spent on higher levels of training such as high-level visual mechanics and progressions. Professional communication and collaboration not only on the field within the crew but through the replay officials as well. Game management and game administration is also a part of the camp. Crew management and development is a part of what we will be working on with the Referee’s.

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